Membership Price Change

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Hello Penguins,

For the first time since Club Penguin started, we’ve decided to change the price of new memberships purchased in US and Canada. Starting on July 13th, the new price for a Club Penguin membership will be $7.95 a month, $39.95 for 6 months and $59.95 for 12 months.

The new price is only for NEW membership purchases. If you already have a recurring membership, you’ll keep paying the old price as long as you stay a member. You’ll also be able to use membership cards with the old price if you have them.

Ever since we launched Club Penguin, we’ve released tons of new games, features and special events, and donated millions of dollars to charitable projects to help kids around the globe. The new price will allow us to create even more great content that will make Club Penguin even better. We can’t say too much yet, but we have some really exciting new things planned for you in the coming months!

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on July 04 2011 04:48


That’s insane!  $7.95   a MONTH!?!  I think it’s outrageous, Also, get your membership (if you’re going to) BEFORE July 13th because if you start subscribing now- you’ll only pay $5.95 a month (with a credit card).

What do you guys think? It’s crazy-in my opinion.

That’s it for today!

Waddle on!



New things for 2011!

Wow guys- I haven’t posted on this site in a while! Sorry for not keeping up to date-it’s kind of hard to fit this in with everything else.
If you didn’t know-Tootsie has stopped posting and she and i are no longer friends so it’s just me.
As i said earlier- I am looking for another ACTIVE Admin to help me out on this site. Anyone want to? Please comment on this section below OR email me at
Thank you(:

Among other things, lets get to Club Penguin. I’m sorry for being so late about it! But well here are some things!
-New map separated by the games you can play!
-New Club Penguin Registration process, New members get a background and a hat!
Field Op Number 47

Here’s a walkthrough to the newest Club Penguin Field Op.

1. Answer your spy phone and go to the EPF Command Room
2. Get your message from Gary on the computer panel.
3. Make your way to the Cave Mine
4. Go stand next to the snow machine
5. Complete the mini game
6. TADA!(:
I’m changing the theme too on this site.
And that’s what’s new in the world of Club Penguin
Waddle on

Water Jitsu Guides and Field Op AND oTHERTHINGS

Hey guys. Long time no see right?  Well i have good news and bad news.  I have a new laptop now so i’ll be posting more often, and since i’m not a member, i will redirect you to a site that has guides about water jitsu and member things i can’t cover 😦 

Here it is

New Field op, Ok i can’t take pictures yet so just bear with me :)?

Click the spy phone.

Accept the mission

Go into the tube tranzport

go into the center bottom tile in the room (penguins will crowd around if in a busy room)Directly Underneath the “HQ 2005” sign.

Spy phone will light up.

Do the puzzle.



Card-Jitsu Stamps Released!

Hello Penguins!

Lots of you have been telling us about the Stamps you’re earning in Card-Jitsu Water. I got my Watery Fall Stamp right away, but the Gong! Stamp was a bit harder. I lost this round:



In other news – the team also added Stamps for the original Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire!

Once you’ve mastered Water, head over to the Dojo and the Fire Dojo to earn the Stamps in the other Ninja games.

What do you think of the new stuff for ninjas? Let us know in the comments!

Until then… waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on November 26 2010 01:19

This is Billybob’s most current blog post

Waddle on!


Field Op. #8 and Mountain Expedition

Hey guys, it’s pacman. Here is a guide to Field Op.#8

  1. Log into Club Penguin. Go on a  not populated server to get in faster.
  2. Your Spy Phone will ring (i still think its cool how it looks like an iPhone :P)
  3. Go to the Hideout and walk to the computer.
  4. You need to power up a new safety override for the STEAMER. Say thank you club peguin universe!  You don’t have to do that 🙂
  5. Go to the COFFEE SHOP and walk towards the steamer and do the puzzle (which is my least favorite)

Yay field Op. 8 is done~


Moutain Expedition

Go to the Ski Village and walk where the tour guide stand USED TO BE BEFORE THE MTN EXPEDITION CAME

walk into that room. There is a free item. It’s a HAT!!

Click on the tiny little slip of paper on the lower right hand side of the screen, this will pop up

Sadly, All of it is members 😦

And so is the Mountain Expedition…

I will try and get some pictures but no promises ok?

School starts on Friday (20th) so i will be EXTREMLY not active. Comment in this post and answer these questions and i will sometime in the next couple weeks get to know you and then maybe choose someone.

  1. 1. Will you be good and semi-active (1 post a week will do) admin on the site?
  2. Do you promise to be a nice person and always be considerate of others through your language on this site as an Admin?
  3. Will you not post ads or anything else directing traffic to sites containing innappropriate material?

If you are interested, comment below and i will get to know you via email.

Thanks and waddle on!


Field Op. #8 Puffle Rescue Stamps (almost) READY

To start Field Op. #8, got to the EPF hideout and talk to G on the computer screen thing..

GO to the DOJO and stand NEAR the camera. Spy Phone will ring. DO the MATCH PUZZLE. Congrats. your finished with field op #8

Puffle Rescue Stamps are almost ready. There will be a  total of 28 Stamps for this game. I do not think that this game will have any locked levels because of all the members-only benifits it has already.

So do you think that they’ll take anything off of puffle rescue for non members? Leave in it a comment below.


Non-Members Games Taken Away? Stamps and other things..

Non members might have noticed some of the game levels have been locked.
In DJ3K, There used to be 3 Records for Non members to play. Now there is only one, that is the Classic Disc

In Catchin’ Waves, there used to be 4 modes. They were Survival, Competetion, Freestyle and Tutorial. Now only for free players are freestyle and tutorial.

In JetPack Adventure, You can only now play level one. Levels  on up are now officially members.

On Thin Ice, Levels 11+ are officially locked

AstroBarrier followed suit, but levels 6+ are locked.

And Finally.. Aqua Grabber. You can  only play Clam Waters for Soda Seas has been locked.

Now I think this is completly unfair to all non members. This update was because that Club Penguin Members can collect  their stamps and non members collect their stamps. I strongly disagree . The could have only left those stamps for members not let non members recieve the stamps when they achieve that, That would have been a simplier way.

Now onto Stamps…

Here is a guide that Tootsie and i worked on for a little bit. This is how to get all of the Stamps.

Charaters(* means  members only)

  • Rockhopper- Be in the same room as him
  • Gary~Be in the same room as him
  • Candence~Be in the same room as her
  • Penguin Band1~ Be in the same room as the band member Franky*
  • Penguin Band 2~ Be in the same room as G Billy*Penguin Band3~ Be in the same room as Petey K*
  • Penguin Band 4~ Be in the same room as Stompin’ Bob *


  • Stage Crew – Go to the Stage and press buttons on the Switchbox 3000
  • Underground – Enter the Pool through the manhole in the Plaza.
  • Snapshot – Wave while only wearing a camera on the Ski Hill. *
  • Go Swimming – Dance while wearing only a rubber duck in water.
  • Clock Target – Hit the clock tower with a snowball ten times.
  • 183 days! – Log in with a penguin that’s 183 days old or older.
  • Going Places – Go in 30 different rooms.
  • Dance Party – Dance in the Dance Club with ten or more penguins (Go on a popular server to get ten people faster)
  • Igloo Party – Get ten or more penguins in your igloo.
  • Coffee Server – Go up to 5 penguins while wearing a green apron an do the coffee emote. *
  • Pizza Waiter – Go up to 5 penguins while wearing a pizza apron and do the pizza emote. *
  • 365 Days! – Log in with a penguin that’s a year old or older.
  • Puffle Owner – Adopt 16 puffles from the Puffle Shop.
  • Floor Filler – Dance with 25 or more penguins in the Dance Club. (Go on a popular server to get the 25 penguins faster)
  • Full House – Fill your igloo with 99 items. *
  • Play it Loud – Play different instruments with other penguins at the lighthouse *
  • Berg Drill! – Drill with 30 or more penguisn at the Iceberg. (Go on a popular server to do this faster)
  • Fort Battle – Throw snowballs with five penguins of the same color. (Go to a popular server to do this faster)
  • Hockey Team – Get together with four other penguins that are wearing the same color hockey jersey as you. *
  • Soccer Team – Get together with four other penguins that are wearing the same color hockey jersey as you.*
  • Party Host – Get 30 or more penguins in your igloo.
  • Ninja Meeting – Get together with ten or more black belts in the ninja hideou (go to a reallllyyyy populated server to get more opertunities to duel!)


THIN ICE (* indicates that is it members only stamp!!)

  • One Coin Bag~ Collect one coin bag. The first one is on leve 4
  •  Coin Bags – Collect three coin bags.
  • 6 Coin Bags – Collect six coin bags. *
  • Iced Treasure – Enter the hidden treasure room in Level 19. *
  • 10 Coin Bags – Collect ten coin bags.   *
  • Ice Bonus – Melt 480 ice tiles. (total of 564 in non members)
  • Ice Trekker – Push all the blue movable blocks into the specially marked tiles. *
  • All Coin Bags – Collect all the coin bags in the game. (To do this you must complete levels 1 – 18 and then collect all the coin bags in the hidden treasure room on level 19) *
  • Ice Master – Master all 19 levels. *

Astro Barrier(* means  members only)

    • Astro5 – Finish 5 levels.
    • Astro5 Max – Complete 5 levels without missing a shot.
    • Astro 40 – Complete levels 1 – 40. *
    • Ship Blast – Shoot a ship with a blaster. To do this complete level 30, wait 25 seconds until the blue ship appears and fire a shot. *
    • 1-up Blast – Use a blaster to shoot a 1-up.
    • Astro Secret – Complete the secret levels. The Secret Levels can be unlocked by shooting the blue ship in the instructions screen you see after level 10. *
    • Astro10 Max – Complete the first 10 levels without missing a shot. *
    • Astro20 Max – Complete the first 20 levels without missing a shot. *
    • Astro Expert – Complete the expert levels. To unlock the expert levels, shoot the blue ship when it appears in the instructions screen that appears after level 30. *
    • Astro30 Max – Complete 30 levels without missing a shot. *
    • Astro 1-up – Collect 8 1-ups. To do this easily, on the first level a 1-up appears (When it’s the easiest to hit) just keep shooting it and restarting the level until you’ve hit it 8 times.
    • Astro Master – Complete 25 levels and the Secret and Expert Levels. *

Jet Pack Adventure(* means  members only)

  • Lift Off! – Take off and then return to the launch pad.
  • Fuel Rank 1 – Collect all five fuel cans in level one.
  • Jet Pack 5 – Complete all 5 levels of the game. *
  • Crash! – Crash your jet pack at the start of Level 3. *
  • Fuel Rank 2 – Collect all three fuel cans in level two. *
  • Fuel Rank 3 – Collect all five fuel cans in level three. *
  • Fuel Rank 4 – Collect all eight fuel cans in level four. *
  • Fuel Rank 5 – Collect all four fuel cans in level five. *
  • 1-up Leader – Collect two 1-up’s.
  • Kerching! – Collect 650 coins. (If you plan on collecting the “Ace Pilot” stamp you might as well collect it first since you get 1,000 coins from collecting it and so that’ll give you this stamp too) *
  • Fuel Command – Collect all 25 fuel cans in the game. *
  • Fuel Wings – Run out of fuel while your directly over a fuel can and collect it while you fall.
  • 1-up Captain – Collect all the 1-up’s in the game *
  • Lift Off! – Take off and then return to the launch pad.

Catchin’ Waves(* means  members only)

  • First Trick – Preform a trick using the arrow keys.
  • Puffle Surfin’ – Play Catchin Waves while your walking a red puffle.
  • Easy Flip – Flip one time.
  • Easy Tube – Shoot the tube for 100 points.
  • Easy Grind – Get 100 points while grinding the wave.
  • Graduate – Complete the Surf Lesson. To do this you need to do whatever the box in the lower right hand corner of the screen tells you as fast as you can. When it says “You surf like a pro” finish out the wave and you’ll receive the stamp.
  • Easy Spin – Perform a 3 spin jump. To do this press the arrow keys while flipping.
  • Trick Star – Preform 13 different tricks during a wave.
  • Podium Puffle – Get 1rst, 2nd, or 3rd place in a competition with your red puffle. *
  • Flip Star – Jump and flip three times.
  • Easy Jump – Jump the height of 8 penguins. Lean forward to gain speed before you jump to go higher.
  • Super Tube – Shoot the tube for 1,000 points.
  • Super Spin – Preform a seven spin jump. (possible but VERY HARD!
  • Super Grind – Hit a 700 point combo while grinding the wave.
  • Max Grind – Hit a 1200 point combo while grinding the wave.
  • First Place – Get first place in a competition. (You need to have around 80 points to guarantee first place) *
  • Max Flips – Flip 10 times. (You must have a silver surfboard to do this) *
  • High Jump – Jump the height of 20 penguins. (You must have a silver surfboard to do this) *
  • Max Tube – Get 5,000 points while shooting the tube. (To do this you need to preform tricks while grinding the tube)
  • Max Spin – Do a ten spin jump. *
  • Shark – Spot the Shark. To do this you need to dodge 200+ icebergs in survival mode and then the shark will appear. *
  • Survivor – Complete Survival *

Aqua Grabber (* means  members only)

  • Squid Spotter- Find the Squid (there is a YouTube video on this)
  • Aqua Puffle – Play Aqua Grabber while walking your pink puffle. *
  • Soda Succes – Complete Soda Seas*
  • Clam Success~ Complete Clam Waters
  • Soda Master – Complete Soda Seas without losing a life. *
  • Clam Master – Complete Clam Waters without losing a life.
  • Get Fluffy – Catch the worm  and then use it to catch fluffy and then put him in your net. *
  • Get the Worm – First of all, collect 4 of the 5 cream soda barrels, then go in the newly opened corner where the fifth barrel is located. Then bump the ceiling and catch the worm that falls out of it. Then bring it back to the net. *
  • Bubble Catch – Catch a pink puffle’s bubble. To do this, take your pink puffle to play aqua grabber with you and let the aqua grabber fill up almost all the way with water and then the pink puffle will blow you a big bubble. *
  • Pearl Capture – Collect all the white pearls in Clam Waters.
  • Clam Treasure – Collect the black pearl in Clam Waters. It’s in a clam’s mouth just like all the other pearls.
  • Soda Treasure – Collect the rare treasure in Soda Seas. To do this go through the tunnel mullet swims in and then go down to where the crab is. Let him put all his treasure away and he’ll give you the rare treasure. *
  • Clam Compress – Complete Clam Waters in compressed air mode. Make sure you don’t hit anything!
  • Soda Compress – Complete Soda Seas in compressed air mode. Make sure you don’t hit anything! *
  • Clam Pressure – Complete Clam Waters in compressed air mode without losing a life.
  • Soda Pressure – Complete Soda Seas in compressed air mode without losing a life. *
  • Clam Timer – Complete the Clam Waters Time Trial.
  • Soda Timer – Complete the Soda Seas Time Trial. *
  • Crabs Treasure – Collect all of the Crabs Treasure. *
  • Mullet Capture – Catch Mullet *

(THAT TOOK A LONG TIME!) So what do YOU think about the Games being taken away? Answer this poll!~

Waddle On!  ~Pacman6673

Field Op #7 && WATEX is BACK!!

Ok so first, the field Op for this week (I’m late) is at the light house. Go wayy at the top and see the light? Look on the lower left hand corner inside the glass where the light is. Flip the switch. Spy phone will ring and do the challenge.

I am excited to say that my idol, watex/fever, is back and posting on wordpress. 🙂 here is his site-
Sorry no pictures today 😦 I’m on my iPod so I can’t get on club penguin.

Upcomming Events!

Ok, so here is all the upcomming events.

The music party is always a fun one to have on CP. I’ll probably be on sometime and i’ll let you guys know.

Waddle on!


Field Op. #2

Ok so the Field Op for this week is in the MINE. NOT at the light house. How many people thought it was at the light house? I did. Comment for me. Here is where the “giant lightbulb” is located

If you step near where i'm waving the EPF iPhone like thing will ring

 Waddle On!


EPF Penguin Guide!

Since PSA was DESTROYED by Herbert, G has come up with EPF (Elite Penguin Force) You might reconize the name from the Nintendo DS game. Here’s how you join, go into the ‘Everyday phoning facility” In the SKI VILLAGE. Take the test. First it says hit the target with a snowball. Do as it says.

Then it says run to the green square. Do as it says, Run to the red square really fast to do this, just click on the RED SQUARE while your in the caged in GREEN SQUARE to get a HEAD START!   Once out, and being timed, be sure to only click on the RED SQUARE ONCE!!! ONCE!! ONE TIME!!I got the time of 5.96 seconds. Then it says go away from the RED SQUARE follow orders.

Then Hide in front of the PILLAR on the BOTTOM RIGHT HAND SIDE!! SO YOU CAN ONLY i said ONLY see your name!!!


CONGRATULATIONS! You are an official EPF agent.

Sorry for no pictures, didn’t have enough time :(. Well have fun being an EPF agent! The field OP was just to stand under the SKI HILL’S direction sign at the top! Your iPhone like spy phone will ring! CONGRATULATIONS! I will post on the Field Ops every week. Check back weekly!